"Best kindy on the gold Coast. All the staff are friendly and caring. Couldn't find a fault if I tried."


Programming at Southport Child Care Centre and Pre-preparatory

When we talk about education many think of the formal academic learning that takes place in a school environment. At Southport Child Care Centre and Pre-preparatory we believe that a child's education commences the day the child is born. Parents are the major 'teachers' of their children and we, together with all the other contacts your child has, are partners with you in the care and education of your child. Children between the ages of zero and five learn through play-based experiences. When teaching a child to talk we involve ourselves in wonderful games that encourage children to verbalise. The result - a child that can verbally communicate! Equally, throughout your child's period at Southport Child Care Centre and Pre-preparatory their developing education will emerge although they may make comment that 'we just play.' Children learn through their own style. We acknowledge and accept that it is perfectly normal for a child to walk anywhere between 9 and 18 months. We are therefore prepared for the same diversity of range of normal development in all areas. How do we program for children moving through the range of development? We don't have a set, single curriculum as it would not meet the individual needs of each child. There are certain skills and knowledge that all children need to develop in order to continue with their education. Therefore, we use an integration of two styles:

  • Staff observe each child so that over a period of time we build up a picture of her/his stage and level of development. These are then used to develop a program for the whole group based on their needs and interests. It will also include some special activities for the 'rostered' children for that particular week to support them to develop, practice or extend on their specific needs and skills.
  • We provide activities in all developmental areas to assist children to develop key skills and knowledge. By the time the children reach the Pre-Prep room the curriculum is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines that prepares children for entry into Preparatory.

Pre-preparatory Program

The children have access to our interactive white board on a daily basis. This is used to access the internet so that the children can research topics that they are learning about and also to play educational games.

Child will also have access to computers on a daily basis. Children will gain experience in mouse and key board skills and will use a variety of educational software programs.

We are fortunate enough to have a Japanese Educator at the Centre who implements a Japanese lesson with the children on a Tuesday morning. Such things in this program include: greetings, colours, numbers and Japanese music.