"Very professional, caring Staff who show their dedication daily while teaching our grandchildren & children the many activities & lessons in their day ! :)"

Our Staff


Southport Child Care Centre has highly skilled staff fully trained in early childhood care. However, our primary focus is to have only people who actually love being around children. This is very easy to see.

When you come and visit our child care centre in Southport, and we encourage you to do so, you will see for yourself that everyone here has a main goal of creating a loving and happy atmosphere for your child to share with you when he or she comes home.

RebeccaMiss Rebecca: Centre Director

Hello, my name is Rebecca. I first started working at the Centre in 2003 as the Senior Kindy assistant. After working in this room for 18 months I decided to study my diploma full time. I then returned to the Centre and become the Group Leader in the Junior Toddlers room in 2005. Whilst working in the room I studied externally and obtained my Advanced Diploma in Children's Services. I left working in the room at the start of 2011 to be in the office full time as one of the Directors. I enjoy the change and love being able to work with the Educators along with families to make sure that each child is happy, feels secure and has opportunities to reach their full potential.


AveenMrs Aveen: Kindergarten Teacher Pre-Prep Room

What a teacher believes about both teaching and learning can have major impact on the classroom environment. It is my belief that the early years of education set a foundation for the years that follow. A child’s first years of education can establish their long time thoughts and beliefs. If it is a positive experience they will learn that education is fun and interesting. As a teacher I want to create and environment that is safe exciting and hands-on.



GaleMiss Gale: Senior Educator Senior Kindy Room

Welcome to Senior Kindy, my name is Gale Moore and I am the Group Leader for this room. I have had many years’ experience working with children. I spent five years working as a pre-school aid in particular helping children with special needs to integrate into the school system. I also spent two years working as a nanny. For the past four years I have worked at Q.I.K. I commenced at the Centre as the Toddlers Room Assistant, and then worked as the Senior Kindy Assistant and now as group leader. I have completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services and I am currently studying my Diploma in Community Services through Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. My interests are cooking, learning how to use the computer and spending time with my family. I am looking forward to teaching your children this year. Please feel free to come and see me at any time to discuss your child’s progress.



JocelynMrs Jocelyn: Educator Toddlers Room

My name is Jocelyn and I am the Assistant in the Babies Room. I am originally from the Philippines. I speak Tagalog as well as English. My partner and I have two beautiful boys. Tobas is our oldest son and he is 9 and my youngest son Jat is 5. I love spending quality time with my family. On the weekends we love going to the beach together and watching the boys play soccer. My interests are cooking, meeting and interacting with different kinds of people. I look forward to getting to know your child and their family. Please feel free to come and speak to me at any time.



CassieMiss Cassie: Educator Pre-Prep Room

Hello to all Southport Childcare families, my name is Cassie and I am the room assistant for Pre-Prep. I am from a small town named Bermagui which is located on the far south coast of New South Wales, but moved to the Gold Coast October 2013.

I have always had a passion for working with children which is why I began completing my Certificate III in Children’s Services. I began studying through the final years of my schooling so that I could enter the childcare industry qualified once my HSC was completed. I have now been in this industry since 2010 where I started at a small, close-knit community based Centre. I look forward to meeting you all and forming bonds with the children and their families as I assist in preparing your child for school.



MasakoMrs Masako: Japanese Language Teacher and Relief Senior Educator

Hello my name is Masako. I moved to Australia from Japan in 1999 with my husband. I have two children, an 8 year old boy and 5 year old girl. While living in Japan I worked with children for over ten years. I have been working at this Centre since 2008. Part of my duties include: On Tuesday I teach Japanese for Senior Kindy and Pre-Prep children. I completed my Diploma of Childcare in Japan and I have just finished my Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services in Australia. I am enjoying living in this beautiful country with my family and I am very happy working at this Centre. Please feel free to come and see me. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your family.


LynMiss Lyn: Relief

Hello my name is Lyn Sun. I was born and raised in China and came to Australia in 2000. In 2008 I completed my Certificate III in Children's Services. I commenced work at the Southport Childcare in 2010 as the Relief Educator. I have had experience in all of the rooms covering ages from 6 weeks to 5 years old. I am looking forward to getting to know your child and support them through their social and individual development.

 I enjoy working as an Early Childhood Educator and believe that children grow into the people they will become, through the influences of their environment and the people in it. This is why I am aim to always be a positive role model and provide an environment where they can play and learn at the same time.

PingMrs Ping: Educator Pre-Prep Room and Inclusion Support Worker

I moved to Australia from China in 1999. I have been working at Southport Child Care Centre for the past six years. While studying my Certificate III in Children Services I worked as the centre relief worker. Once I completed my study I took the position of Toddlers Room Educator.

I have got two children of my own, one is in Primary School and the other is studying in Melbourne. I believe that each child is a treasure to their family and needs to be looked after in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. I am looking forward to looking after your child.



JessicaMrs. Jessica: Senior Educator Junior Kindy Room and Educational Leader

Hello my name is Jessica. I have been a Senior Educator since 2008. I first started working here at the centre as a relief educator in 2007 before completing my Diploma in 2008 and becoming the Senior Toddlers Senior Educator. I am married and a proud mother of two beautiful girls. I enjoy family time and look forward to bringing my mothering experiences into the room. I am excited to get to know you and your families as well as include each family into the program.



AmyMiss Amy: Toddlers Educator 

Hello, my name is Amy Stewart. I started working at Southport Childcare Centre in August 2015 as an Educator within the Toddlers Room.

 I’ve been working in Childcare in 2012 after completing my studies at TAFE during my senior years of schooling.Since 2012 I have previously worked as a float educator with all age groups.I look forward to getting to know all the children and their families at this centre. During this time please do not feel hesitated to communicate with me about your child. I am looking forward to working with you and watching your child learn and grow into independent children.


AmyMiss Amy Goddard: Educator Senior Kindy Room

Hi there, my name is Amy and I am the assistant Educator in the Senior Kindy Room. I am from a small town at the bottom of New Zealand called Invercargill. I am the second oldest child within my family and I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I grew up on a farm until I was 16. I moved to Australia at the age of 19 by myself and met friends over here. In 2013 I completed my Certificate III in children’s services. I like to spend my weekends outdoors if possible but always find myself in front of the TV watching the footy. I am big South Sydney Rabbitohs supporter as well as New South Wales. I believe all children need and deserve to be happy as well as have a sense of security within their environment. I look forward to getting to know all of the children in the room and helping them enjoy their time here at the Centre.


RebeccaMs Rebecca: Educator Babies Room

Hello to all at Southport Child Care Centre, my name is Rebecca but family and friends call me Beck. I am the educator in Babies and I am currently completing my Certificate III in Children Services. I grew up in Sydney and recently moved to Queensland in January 2014.

When I moved to the Gold Coast my goal was to start a career in child care, I was blessed to be given this opportunity at Southport Child Care Centre. Since December 2014, I have been working in this centre and have loved every minute of the job. I will continue to learn whilst watching the children grow and develop. I am grateful for this exciting journey.


FerlicityMs Ferlicity: Educator Junior Kindy Room

Hello my name is Ferlicity. I have currently been working at the centre since February 2014. I am an Educator in Junior Kindy, working alongside Jess (Senior Educator) with the age group 2-3 years. My previous rolls in Southport Childcare Centre was working as a float, during this time I also worked on the senior side with children who have special needs as an inclusion support person.

 I finished school in 2012 and not long afterwards I moved to the Gold Coast with my family from Sydney. In 2013, I began to study Certificate III in Children Services. I am excited to watch your child learn and grow through play and discovery. During our time together I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge of your child as an individual and in the whole class.

DonnaMs Donna: Centre Cook

Hi my name in Donna Ingham, and I have been employed to prepare meals for the Centre. I have many years of cooking experience, beginning my career by joining the New Zealand Navy where I gained my basic cooking skills. I married my husband Tony who was also a cook in the Navy. After 4 years Tony and myself bought a bakery which we ran for many years. In 1996 we moved over to Australia with our two girls. I then had the opportunity to cook for Meals on Wheels for 18 years, where I was able to learn about different diets and textured requirements required for this roll. I look forward to creating meals that are exciting for the children as well as nutritious. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me or leave a message for me to get in contact with you.


BellaMs Bella: Relief Educator

Hello to all at Southport Childcare Centre. My name is Seungmi Baek, but I am known as Bella. I am happy to be a part of the family at Southport Childcare Centre. I travelled from Korea 3 years ago, whilst in Korea I was a Senior Educator for 1 year. I then decided to move to Australia and be immersed in different cultural experiences. During this time, I started to study Certificate III in Children’s Services & completed a Diploma in Children’s Services.

I think children are our future. I feel I can learn much from children and as adults we can teach children. Your child is so pure and just their smile lightens up the centre. I am so grateful to be a part of your child growth and development.

SamanthaMs Samamtha : Senior Educator Babies Room

Hi my name is Samantha. I started working at Southport Child Care in August 2015 after moving up from Melbourne. My partner and I moved to the Gold Coast for lifestyle change and better weather. In Melbourne I finished studying my Diploma in Early Childhood in 2014 and worked at a child care centre as a Toddler Assistant. In my spare time I enjoy dining out to try new foods and going for bike rides. As an educator I believe we play an important role in supporting the learning and development of children and providing an environment for them that is safe, supporting and caring. I understand children need a sense of belonging in order to strive in their environment and that all children are individuals and develop in their own unique way. It is rewarding to be part of such a crucial time in their life and be able to provide them with a positive role model and environment that continues outside of the home.


JessicaKazumi: Relief Educator

Hello my name is Kasumi. I live at home with my husband and daughter. Since working at Southport Child Care Centre I have had the pleasure of being able to work with children of all ages ranging from the ages of 6 weeks old to 5 years old. I enjoy being a relief educator as it gives me the experience of working alongside all of the Educators within the Centre to help each child reach their full potential. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and seeing their smiles every day.





JessicaEmma: Educator Babies Room

Hello, my name is Emma. I was born in Canada and moved over to Australia when I was younger. I have one younger brother and I use to live in Brisbane until I moved back down to the Gold Coast. Whilst studying I gained just over 3 years experience working in different child care centres. I graduated high school in 2015 and obtained my Certificate 3 in Children Services. I look forward to meeting the families, helping the children grow and develop as well as enjoy themselves at the centre. Please don't hesitate to contact me or ask any questions.


JessicaAmanda: Senior Educator

Hi, my name is Amanda Wilson. I grew up in a small town named Batemans Bay in NSW. I moved to Sydney to become a Nanny, then became an assistant in a child care center in the city. I moved to Canberra in 1999 where I was an assistant and completed my certificate lll in Children’s services in 2002. I completed my diploma in 2008 and became a senior educator. I moved to Newcastle in 2008 and worked as a senior educator in a Toddler’s room. I then moved to the Gold Coast in 2010 and have continued working with all ages. I look forward to helping your child grow and develop their skills.



JessicaHeather: Relief Educator

Hi my name is Heather and I have just starting my adventure at Southport Child Care Centre. I completed my certificate 3 in children’s services whilst at school and it solidified that childcare is where I want to be. I am half way through my Bachelor of Special Education as this is an area that I am passionate about. Since completing my cert in 2012 I was lucky enough to enter into a position working with children with autism in a specialist center on the Coast. I have been honoured to work with a variety of educators, parents, therapists and children that have all contributed to my knowledge and experience as an educator. I am extremely excited to be working here at Southport, learning from my new peers and friends across all of the rooms and helping each child experience something new every day.


JessicaTayla: Educator Junior Kindy Room

Hello, my name is Tayla. I am currently studying my certificate 3 in Children Services in the Junior Kindy Room. I have always been passionate about working with children and am privileged that I get the chance to do so with such an amazing and bright group of children. I graduated in 2014 and set out to pursue a childcare career shortly after. I’m excited and looking forward to having my first child due October 2016.


I look forward to experiencing and watching the children grow and develop while also forming bonds with the children and the families at this center.


JessicaMegan: Relief Educator








 Georgia: Relief EducatorJessica